20 years of international experience in implantology gives the Doctors  of our Dental Clinic the possibility to create solutions for every one of our patients in need of  replacement of one of several teeth, or restorative solutions.

Dental Clinic Zlata Prague™ provides solutions for a range of dental conditions (from the replacement of individual missing teeth, to full-mouth restorations). Restoring teeth with dental implants is the most natural way to replace missing teeth and re-create a beautiful healthy smile.


We are using a modern system of dental implants provided by the Swiss Company Straumann, the world’s largest dental implant company and the leading global supplier in dental implantology and oral tissue regeneration.

Compared to the traditional way of replacing a missing tooth, a dental implant gives the opportunity to save the teeth next to the missing one from preparation for a dental bridge.

In case you have lost several teeth, the implants give you the possibility to have a dental bridge that will be fixed on the implants, so you do not have live with  a removable prosthesis.

The success of the replacement of missing teeth with implants that will look just like the original teeth, is based on a thorough diagnosis, an individual consultation, and the experience and knowledge of competent specialists.

Our Surgeon will determine whether an implant is the right solution for you, using Digital imaging and CT scans for three-dimensional images. The most condition for the treatment is that there is sufficient bone quantity. In case the bone quantity is insufficient, Dental Clinic Zlata Prague™ will restore your missing bone tissue, using a  natural material – an artificial bone, called Straumann Emdogain.

The implant is inserted under local anesthesia or full anesthesia, according to your wishes. The procedure is very smooth and gentle. A temporary restoration will be placed on the implant 24 hours after the surgery for the healing period. This will give you a good - looking smile early in the process of healing. After approximately one week, the stitches will be removed.

The healing phase can last from six weeks to a few months, depending on your   situation. Once the healing is completed, the dental laboratory  will make an impression to produce ceramic  implants, a crown or a bridge that will be applied immediately.

Your way to a new bright smile is less complicated, less painful and way more quick and gentle than you might have imagined!